What Is Visual Spatial

Hello! I am so happy to be back with you again and share helpful information that will increase the level of your child and build him so that he can reach his highest potential.

Today I’ll be discussing What is visual spatial? We will talk about the definition of visual spatial and how you can see that your child or even an adult is lacking this important skill.

What is Visual Spatial?

Visual spatial is the ability to measure the objects that are around you and around other people – how far or how close they are from you. The same is between two objects – the ability to recognize how far or close the two objects are to each other.

Side note: visual spatial is related to body awareness but they are two different things.

This is a list of some signs that someone without poor visual spatial skills will have. If you see any of these signs in your child be aware that his visual spatial skills needs improvement.

  • Bumping into things
  • Messy around
  • Overflowing drinks
  • Difficulty setting the table
  • Places things at the end of the table
  • Divides things unevenly

Bumping Into Things

If a child’s visual spatial is not yet developed he will very often bump into other objects like chairs, the table, the bed, and what not. That is because his brain is not calculating the space between him and the object and that is causing him to bump into the object and hurt himself.

Messy Surroundings
What Is Visual Spatial - at a birthday party

Elena is six years old. She is siting at the table with all her friends around. It’s her birthday! The table is packed with goodies and decorated beautifully. The birthday cake is served and enjoyed by all the friends. Everyone’s cup is filled with ice cream shakes and they are all enjoying the candies and goodies on the table. A child that is lacking visual spatial needs a miracle to happen that everything around should stay clean and neat.

One unplanned action from Elena can turn the beautiful, decorated table into a mumble jumble. When you move anything around you have to calculate how much space you have. If Elena wants to move her plate of cake closer to herself she needs to calculate how much space she has so that her cup doesn’t tip over. When Elena wants to pass the pitcher to her friend she has to make sure that the bottom of the pitcher does not bump into anything on the table. When she wants to stretch her hand to reach for a fork she has to make sure that her sleeve does not dip into the birthday cake that is in front of her.

If you recognize your child here, you will now understand why this is happening and with the understanding that your child is struggling you will make sure to be helpful and set the table with fewer things so that is does not have to struggle so much with every move. And of course, we will be giving a lot of tips and exercises how to improve your child’s visual spatial.

Overflowing Drinks

I’m sure you’ve realized that there are some times people that make themselves a cup of coffee and then you can trace their footsteps by following the drips of coffee on the floor. I was always wondering why they fill their cup up to the brim so that it spills when they walk. Then a thought sparked in my mink: These people are lacking spatial awareness!

Difficulty Setting The Table

To be able to  set a table you must have good visual spatial skills to know where to put the cutlery, the napkins, the plates etc. How close to place each setting to the other…


What Is Visual Spatial - setting the table

Places Things At The End Of The Table

Yes! Just like that, because visual spatial is not strong in some people they will but things at the end of the table as they do not know the exact place in space that the objects belongs. This will result in broken glasses, spilled portions, and stacks of paper all over the floor!

Of course, teach your child where to put tings but understand that once her visual spatial improves this will improve too!

What Is Visual Spatial - falling papers

Divides Things Unevenly
A person with poor visual spatial will not know how far each object is from himself and also how big an object is and how much space there is from the beginning of the object to the end. So slicing a cake evenly will be a very, very hard task. The slices will often come out very uneven, one slice thinner and one slice thicker.

To Sum It Up

In this post I gave you a rundown of visual spatial or spatial awareness as some people call it and what the signs of poor visual spatial are. I hope it was clear enough. I would love to see your comments below or email me at hershy@helpyourchildsucceednow.com.


4 thoughts on “What Is Visual Spatial”

  1. Thank you for your post. It is informative and educational. My best friend’s son may have this problem, since he is always messy around and bumping into things. I mistakenly think that he is playing prank. I am wrong.

    Right now he is 8 years old. I think it is possible for him to seek professional help and to overcome this defection. I guess there is no special treatment for this. However, it is possible to train him using related activities, for example, leaving the task of setting a table for him daily, craft activities, and construction game.

    I am confident that with extensive training, it is possible to correct Visual Spatial error.

    • Thank you for your comment, Anthony. Yes there are many games and activities that can be done to help develop the visual spatial skill. Keep checking back because I will be posting more about this topic.

  2. This is the first time that i am coming across the term Visual Spatial. The fact that i have learnt something really tangible from this post is satisfying. Your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it so beautiful. Thank you very much for your effort.


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