What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness?

Hello and welcome everyone! Today I’m here to bring you very important and relevant information on the topic of Visual Spatial.

Today we will discuss: What is the importance of Spatial Awareness. Spatial Awareness can also be called Visual Spatial. So however you are used to calling it just feel comfortable that this is what I mean.


What Is The Importance Of The Spatial Awareness?

This is a list of some areas that would be affected with poor visual spatial skills.


      • Social Distancing
      • Playing Ball
      • Proper Etiquette
      • Coloring, Drawing, Writing Skills
      • Time Management


Social Distancing (not just during Covid-19!)
It is very important for children to have visual spatial skills in order to understand distance. When a child does not realize that he is too close to someone else it can become very uncomfortable. Every person needs a little space around himself and when someone will stand too close to him and breathe onto him he will become very annoyed. (Especially now when social distancing is required to prevent the spread of Covid-19.) The same is when a family is sitting at the table and eating – everyone needs their own space at the table.

The same is true for the opposite. When you are talking to someone you need to stand close enough so that the person can hear you (but not too close…)

Another example of this issue is: When someone is standing by the door way and you want to pass you will understand that you have to wait for the person to move out of the doorway. A person without Visual Spatial Skill will not realize that and will just try to push himself through the door way!

Playing Ball

What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - playing ball

When playing ball you need a very well-developed visual spatial skills to be able to figure out how far to throw the ball and how much power to use when throwing the ball.

The same is when trying to catch a ball, the visual spatial skill will help you figure out exactly which second the ball that was thrown will reach you and that way you can catch it.

And of course, when playing basket ball you will also use your visual spatial skills to be able to aim the ball into the basket.

Proper Etiquette

When a child does not have visual spatial skills it can sometimes seem as if they don’t have proper manners when in reality they know all the rules, they just don’t know how it applies to them. This can cause other children to fight with them or not be friends with them.

Little Mia is in nursery. Her teacher tells everyone to sit down on the carpet and she will tell them a story. All the girls sit down on the carpet forming a half circle. Mia has poor visual spatial skills, therefore she sits down in front of other children and blocking them from seeing the teacher and the book she is holding. Or Mia will sit down and stretch out her legs and hands talking away space from other children because she is not aware how much space she can use for herself.

Coloring, Drawing, Writing Skills

What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - drawing

What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - coloringThe skill of visual spatial is very important when children learn how to color inside the line. Visual spatial skills will affect drawing too. You need visual spatial skills to draw something as simple as a house. You will first draw the outline of the house and then you will need the visual spatial skills to help you figure out where to put the doors, windows, chimney, etc. In addition to knowing where to put these things visual spatial skills will help you draw them in the right size.

What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - writing

When writing on a piece of paper you automatically (with the help of your developed visual spatial skills) calculate how big or how small to write so that you should have enough space on the paper for what you want to write. Visual spatial skills is also very important to develop a neat and legible handwriting. What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - writingAnother example where visual spatial comes in: when you are trying to draw a chart and you want to make four rows and five columns your visual spatial skills will kick in and help you figure out how to divide the rows evenly into five columns so you don’t end up with a some wider columns and some narrow columns.

Time Management
What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - time management

In order to understand the concept of time you need to have good visual spatial skills. This will help you figure out how much time you need to get ready, how much time you still have left until you can leave your house, what you have time for right now and what will take too much time and will make you late etc.

There are many people struggling with time management and very often it is a lack of visual spatial.

Let’s take an example: eight your old Sam wakes up 7:45 AM. His school bus picks him up at 9:05 Am. In this time he needs to get dressed, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and eat breakfast.

As a child with underdeveloped spatial awareness, he has no idea how long each task takes him so he starts playing with his favorite toy. The clock keeps on ticking and now it’s 8:20 and Sam has not yet accomplished anything from his morning routine.

Sam’s mother gets nervous, “Sam, it’s getting late” she calls to him. A few minutes later he is finally dressed. Now he is wasting his time with another toy. Some more time goes by – it’s already 8:35 until he finally comes to the table to eat breakfast. While eating breakfast Sam gets busy coloring and doodling with crayons.

Sam keeps on getting distracted and everything takes him so much longer because he doesn’t understand the concept of time. At 9:05 he finally runs out huffing and puffing and catches the bus at last. I’m sure if you know such a kid you understand exactly what I mean…

What Is The Importance Of Spatial Awareness? - catching the bus


If your child is lacking visual spatial aka spatial awareness he will struggle on a daily basis. Every task can be very confusing for him at the same time for everyone around him. Make sure to come back soon and read my next post where I will share with you techniques and activities that will help develop your child’s visual spatial skills.

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  1. Hello Hershy! This is an amazing article you have got here. I am sure this informations in your review will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. In my opinion as a teacher, Good spatial awareness skills result in increased dexterity, a great sense of balance, flexibility and whole body strength if it is gained by actions such as climbing.


    • Thank you for your comment! As a teacher, I’m sure you often come across children that are lacking spatial awareness and you see the challenges that they face each day. With the right exercises they can improve a lot in this area. 

  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.Spatial awareness allows us to aware and up to date with things in our environment as well as our position relative to them. This ability in important for so many reasons, such as; Location. Spatial awareness give context to a location of an object.

  3. I was trying to differentiate between spatial awareness and the ability to comprehend and solve problems but i realized that it is linked and a deficiency of one leads to the deficiency of the other. but it is still not clear to me, what to do with situations where these children lack in this ability. thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. Great question asked! There are many things to do to help children develop their visual spatial skills. Please check back because I will be writing about this shortly. I will give you many exercises, games, and activities that will help children build up their visual spatial skills.


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