Visual Spatial Activities For Kids

Visual Spatial Activities For Kids

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It’s time for another awesome post that will give you a lot of important information. Today we are going to talk about Visual Spatial activities for kids. You can do these activities with your child to help improve his visual spatial skills.

Visual Spatial Activities For Kids

I would like to give you a lot of ideas to improve your child’s visual spatial skills. To make it simpler I will categorize it in two parts: exciting activities and sitting activities. The activities that I classified as ‘exciting’ are those that involve more action like jumping and hopping. The sitting activities are meant to be done sitting at a table and are calmer activities.

Exciting Activities

  • Playing Ball
  • Jump Rope
  • Hop Scotch
  • Hoola Hoop
  • Peanut Ball
  • Jump, Jump, Jump

Playing Ball

Simply playing ball is very good exercise for visual spatial. When throwing the ball the child will need to figure out the distance and how much power to use to through the ball to his friend.

Catching the ball is also great exercise for visual spatial. The child needs to figure out in a second where the ball is and how fast it will reach him.

Even if your child does not have a friend to play with he can play alone by throwing the ball to the wall and catching it when it bounces back to him, or throwing the ball up in the air and then catch it. You can also make spot on the wall (a good idea is to us a piece of painters tape) and your child should aim the ball exactly on the spot. Good old basketball is great exercise too! Visual Spatial Activities For Kids - basketball

Visual Spatial Activities For Kids - RopeVisual Spatial Activities For Kids - Hopscotch


Jump rope/Hopscotch

Both of these activities, jump rope and hopscotch require visual spatial skills. A child without these skills will keep on getting stuck in the rope or not be able to jump in inside of the square when playing hopscotch. Playing these games even if your child is not perfect right away will definitely boost his visual spatial skills.

Hoola Hoop

Take a hoola hoop and place it on the floor. Your child should do any exercise inside of the hoola hoop. I know you were thinking that we’ll do hoola hoop exercises now, sorry we are not. Right now we are using the hoola hoop to create a clear mark where your child needs to stand while doing the exercises. Good exercises to do in the hoola hoop is cross crawl, jump and stop by command, hopping. All of these exercises were discussed in a previous post. If you don’t own a hoola hoop and you don’t want to buy one now you can make a circle with painters tape too.

Peanut Ball

Crawling on the peanut ball is a fun activity that your child will love (again, check out my previous post about this one) and it builds up the visual spatial awareness. While moving forward and back with the ball he gets in touch with the surrounding space. The peanut ball can be purchased on

Jump, Jump, Jump

This exercise is best if done in an empty room or outdoors so that your child has enough space to jump. Have your child stand by the wall jump to until he reaches you. You will tell him how many jumps he should jump until he reaches you. So let’s say you are standing 12 feet away from the wall and you tell him “give 6 jumps” he will have to figure out how much he has to move with each jump so that he reaches you by his sixth jump. Keep on doing this as long as your child still has energy to jump. Level one is to add one number each time so you would start by 4 jumps, then 5 jumps, then 6 jumps etc. Level two would be to give him random numbers with no order.

Sitting Activities

  • Rice Balloons
  • Word Search
  • Dot to Dot
  • Copying Pictures
  • From X to X
  • fit into box

Rice Balloons

This will be very exciting for children. Give your child a bowl of rice (raw!) and have him fill up a balloon with the rice. This will strengthen his visual spatial skills as he will need to put rice into the very narrow opening of the balloon. When the balloon is full help him knot the balloon and he can enjoy using the ball as a squeeze ball (which, by the way, is great for sensory integration!).

Word Search

Doing a simple word search is also great to enhance visual spatial skill.

Dot to Dot

Your child can make his own dot to dot picture. Give him a simple picture and place a paper on top of it. Your child should make his own dot to dot activity by copying the picture with dots only. He should try to leave the same amount of space between every dot.

Copying Pictures

Give your child a simple picture to copy on an empty sheet of paper. This will increase his visual spatial skills because he needs to be aware of where everything in the picture is. You can increase the challenge by handing the picture on the wall a few feet away from your child.

Visual Spatial Activities For Kids - Copying Picture






                      sample picture to copy


From X to X

Mark an X at the beginning of a paper and another X at the end of the paper. Tell your child an amount of circles that he should fill in between both marks. The circles, no matter how many should be evenly spaced.

Fit Into Box

Draw three rectangles on a paper on bigger than the next. Have your child write his name (or any other word) in each rectangle according to the size of the rectangle. The text should fill the entire rectangle.


I gave you many ideas here so that you can pick and choose which ones you like and which ones will work for your child. You can do different activities every day so that your child doesn’t get bored. And, you know what? If you are creative enough you can come up with your own activities too! I would love to hear comments or if you came up with your own ideas so please leave a comment below or email me at


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  1. I’ve been looking online for some ideas for how I can help my godson with his development and am so pleased I found your post! It brought back fond memories of many of the games I played during my childhood, prior to the era of tablets and mobile phones. I really like the idea of rice balloons, albeit I am anticipating having a bit of clearing up to do afterwards 🙂

    • Hi Emma,

      It is worth trying these activities, the children really love it! My children sit hours over the rice, and yes – I do need to sweep up the floor afterwards but it is really worth it! The children gain so much developmentally. 

      Lots of Luck!



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