Kidzland Dance Mat

Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat

Hi everyone! Today I’m here to share with you a wonderful product to help improve your child’s Self Awareness aka Body Awareness.

I hope this product review of the Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat will be helpful and bring you all the information you need about this item.

Kidzlane Dance Mat

Kidzlane Dance Mat

  • Price $59.99 on
  • Mat dimensions: 33″ X 35″
  • Age: 6+ enjoyed by all ages!
  • 3 Arcade games included
  • 4 AA batteries required

This product will give your kids hours of entertainment! It is an exciting game to play and your kids will not get bored. It will keep them busy and happy especially in times when schools and parks are closed and your children are spending more time at home. Instead of sitting and watching TV all day they can have fun and at the same time get very beneficial exercises that will develop their body awareness.

The Kidzlane Dance Mat makes a great gift for your children or grandchildren.

Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat - great gift!

The dance mat has several game options. One option is that the player will need to step onto the buttons as they light up. The buttons will light up quickly, one after another and the player has to quickly tap the light as soon as it turns on.


The benefits of this dancing mat are enormous. It is a great tool to improve your child’s self awareness while moving his legs right and left, front and back, and to the center.

It is also very good for coordination since you use both sides of the body when you follow the blinking lights.

It will also improve your child’s memory when choosing the memory game option.

The dance mat is great for eye and foot coordination because you need to use your eyes and feet at the same time.

The dance mat will also improve balance.

Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat - improves balance



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age children enjoy the Kidzlane Dance mat?

A: The dance mat is appropriate for children ages 6 and up. Younger children can enjoy it too but if they are too small they might have a hard time reaching all the lights with their leg. The seller recommends the mat for children age 6-14 but I personally know older teenagers and adults that find this as a great exercise tool and fun too!

Q: Can I connect a device to the dance mat so that it can play music that my kids enjoy rather than the built in music

A: You can connect your own device via Bluetooth connection. If you do use your own music be aware that the mat might not light up according the beat of your music whereas when you use the built in music the mat does light up according to the beat.

Q: How many kids can play with the Dance Mat?

A: One child at a time.


Q: Is the mat slippery?

A: Most people do not have an issue it but some people reported that on carpet the dance mat was slippery. If you want to use the dance mat on carpet I would recommend you to put a non-slip rug under the dance mat to avoid it from moving.

Q: Any other requirements before I can start using the Dance Mat?

A: The Dance Mat requires 4 AA batteries and you are good to go!


  • Great entertainment for your kids – will keep them busy for hours
  • Will improve self awareness, balance, coordination, and more
  • Great idea for birthday present or any occasion
  • Encourages exercise in a fun way
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Very easy to use – even for young children
  • Adjustable volume


  • When you hit the wrong light, a voice will tell you that you made a mistake – this can be discouraging for kids in the beginning when they don’t play so well yet.
  • The dance mat does not operate with a AC power cord so the batteries will need to be replaced from time to time.
  • If the dance mat is used on carpet you will need a non-slip rug underneath it to prevent it from slipping.

My Overall Ranking

After researching and using the Dance Mat myself, and after going through with you all the pros and cons I would rate the Kidzlane Dance Mat 4.2.

Why? Because I understand that there are so many ways my child can benefit from the Dance Mat plus the hours of fun in my opinion it’s worth buying it even if it has some cons.

Be assured, if my dance mat ever breaks I would definitely buy another one!


Kidzlane Dance Mat














6 thoughts on “Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat”

  1. Oh my goodness, I finally found something that will keep my little siblings from destroying the house! I will definitely be buying one of these, they are so safe and they are so useful. This will knock the energy from their day and will finally give me some time to breath haha. I am glad I ran into this, I will be purchasing a Kidzlane dance mat, thank you for this review

    • Hello Misael, 

      The Kidzlane Dance Mat is definitely worth buying. Your siblings will have so much fun and enjoy playing with it and at the same time enhancing their body awareness. You can also check out one of my other posts Learning Left and Right where you will find many ideas and enjoyable activities that your siblings will also like and gain a lot from them.

      Good Luck,


  2. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I am think about Christmas gift for grandson. Your suggestion on Kidzland Light UP Dance Mat is perfect one for my grandson.

    I like your description on Benefits. I agree with you that the benefits of the dancing mat are enormous, particularly in the era of corona, kids have less time to perform outdoor activities. Dance in the home can be done anytime, a huge advantage. As you mention, there are so many positive effects and there is no any negative impact on kids. I am definitely going to purchase one for my grandson.

  3. I used to have one of these when I was a kid and it was so much fun! It’s a really good investment and a good idea for my nearly 6-year-old. With all sports closed due to COVID, she’s not getting as much exercise as she probably should. Thanks for the recommendation and for bringing back such good memories of my youth!


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