Exercises for Self Awareness

Exercises for Self Awareness

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing today? So, today I want to give you some awesome information to help your child be a success! Who doesn’t want that? I will teach you some exercise for self awareness (body awareness) that will definitely boost your child’s self awareness and make your child’s life better, easier, and more comfortable.

Exercises for Self Awareness

  • Head to Toe
  • Cross Crawl
  • Crawling
  • Wheelbarrow Exercise
  • Peanut Ball
  • In the Tunnel
  • Jumping with closed arms and legs
  • Jump and Stop by Command
  • Hopping


Head To Toe

This is an exercise that goes through most parts of the body and also includes to identifying right and left sides of the body.

Tell your child to put his right hand on his left eye and at the same time cross his left foot over his right foot and then vice versa, the left hand on the right eye and at the same time cross the right foot over the left foot. Continue going through the body in this fashion, eyebrows, ears, cheeks, shoulders, elbows, knees, heel, toes etc.

Every time your child touches his left side he will put his right leg over his left and every time he touches his right side he will put his left leg over his right. When you get to his toes start again this time from the toes going up to the head.

Cross crawl

This exercise is a very good exercise to strengthen your self awareness.

This exercise can be done very simply by taking your right hand and crossing it over to your left side, at the same time pick up your left foot towards your right hand and let your right hand tap your left knee. Repeat with the left hand and right knee.

This exercise can also be done while jumping. It’s harder to learn but after a few times your child will get it. Don’t give up! As a side note – You first have to learn how to do it yourself and then you will be able to teach it to your child.

It obviously takes more effort to do it the jumping way but you will gain a lot more of the exercise so in my opinion it’s worth it!

Do this exercise about 20 to 30 time each day. Enjoy it!

Watch this video to see exactly how to do it.



CrawlingExercises for Self Awareness - crawling

Yes! now is the time that you can crawl like a toddler again! Do you know that crawling is a very important stage in a baby’s development?

Get down to the floor, on your knees. Stretch out your right arm in front of you and at the same time straighten your left leg behind you. Hold your arm and leg stretched like that for 10 seconds. Now repeat with your left hand and right leg.

This exercise can also be done on a therapy ball which makes it much easier because when you lay on the ball you don’t need to hold your own body.

Wheel Barrow

This exercise is the similar like the crawling exercise but it is harder. Because it is harder it is also more effective. You will need more space for this exercise. You can do this around a table or walk from one room in your house to another room.

Have your child walk on his hands while you hold his feet up. This takes a lot of energy from the child so keep the timing to about a minute or two. And, of course it can be exhausting for you too – depending on how big your child is.

Another idea: if you have a stroller in the house help your child lift his legs and put it on the stroller. This way you don’t have to carry your child’s weight, it will be much easier for you.

If you don’t have the ability to do this don’t be discouraged, look into the next exercise – it is very similar but much easier.

Peanut Ball

A peanut ball a ball shaped like a peanut. Children love the peanut ball exercises!

To do this exercise you will also need some space to move around. Put the ball on the floor in front of your child. Your child should lay down on the Exercises for Self Awareness - Peanut ballball, face down and move forward using his hands. When the ball reaches his toes, he should move back, also by using his hands.

Make sure your child lays flat the entire time and does not bend his knees while moving forward (some kids tend to do this so that they finish quicker!) If this is hard for you to understand right now, do not worry, I’m sure once you try doing it on the ball you will get it!

Another thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure your child should not move forward by pushing himself – he should move by using his hands this way he will get the most benefit out of this exercise.

The peanut ball can be purchased on Amazon.com.

In the Tunnel

This exercise goes like this: Your child will go into the tunnel on his belly and put his hands in back of him. Using his stomach, he will push and move himself forward like a fish in water!

At first, he might be using the help from his feet to move but then encourage him to try it a level up, using only his body and not his feet. It will be hard and he might only move a tiny bit but that is OK. Encourage him to continue until he gets to the end.

Jumping with Closed Arms and Legs

Yes it’s simple as that! The child should stand with his feet closed and his arms folded. See how long his can stand still like that. Then take it to the next level. If possible, have him stand by a staircase and then jump up one stair and then down, up and down as long as he is able to.

Jump and Stop by Command

Ask you child to jump (on a trampoline-reccomended) until you say “stop!” as soon as you say “stop” he should stop jumping right away and then start jumping again until you stop him again.


This is very simple to understand but can be complicate for children with poor self awareness. Hopping can be very helpful in improving self awareness. Just have your child hop on one leg and then on the other.

To Sum it Up

So I listed here a variety of fun and beneficial exercises so that you can always choose some of them to do with your child. Don’t overwork – no need to do all of them every day but it is a good idea to rotate and do different exercises every time so that it will always be exciting for your child and it will not become boring.

I hope you enjoyed this article and please do leave your comments below or send me an email to hershy@helpyourchildsucceednow.com.


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  1. thanks for the amazing post Hershy. My daughter is 5 now and I think the hopping exercise will be very good for her. Wish I had come across this post when she was younger. Would definitely have tried out some of the exercises for younger kids. It’s a great idea for a blog since children are parents number 1 priority!


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